Hospital Finances
Reboot Required

As new health care payment and delivery models emerge, hospital financial management is dramatically changing, too. How will you transition to pay for value, risk assumption and population health management?


The Interview: Jeffrey E. Thompson, M.D.
Declaring Energy Independence

The CEO of Gunderson Health System says that the organization’s efforts to increase its use of renewable energy sources benefit the community and the bottom line.


Connecting the Continuum
The Promise of mHealth

Mobile apps and devices are beginning to shape how care is delivered. Learn how in our ongoing series.


Fiscal Fitness
Achieving High Value Care

Fiscal Fitness looks at tested methods hospitals and health systems are using to contain expenses while improving quality of care.


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Clinical Leaders Urged to be More Transparent with Patients

Experts on an IHI panel say that it is time to "change the conversation" and clue patients in to the total cost of care options.

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Bedside Manners

If compassion doesn't come naturally, try simple, patient-pleasing "etiquette-based medicine."

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As Hospital Payment Systems Change, So Do CFOs' Jobs

Hospital and health system chief financial officers are in for a slew of new and changed responsibilities as a result of the health care industry’s evolving care and reimbursement model.

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The Frightening Reality of Cybersecurity

Target, Home Depot, CHS. Will your organization be next on a cyber thief’s hit list? Hospital leaders must be vigilant in establishing strong cybersecurity protocols.

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Fiscal Fitness: How We Can Keep Pace With Health Reform

Hospitals and health systems must examine their core care delivery strategies to focus on population health management and value-based care. Plus, organizations need to be attuned to potential changes in capital planning and financing that reflect health care's new business models.

09.09.14 by
Matthew Weinstock
5 Strategies for Approaching Population Health

Everyone is using the phrase “population health” these days. But what does it really mean? In these five interviews, we offer a glimpse at how some hospitals are developing a population health strategy and improving care in their communities and across the continuum.

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