Live: Health Leadership Summit
Hospitals in Transformation

H&HN staff broadcast video interviews with hospital leaders and blog about their insights from the Health Forum–AHA Health Leadership Summit.


Managing Change
The Art of Blending Cultures

When hospitals merge, prevailing attitudes and ways of doing things may clash. Leaders must work to ensure the cultures are compatible or the whole endeavor may implode.


The Interview: Adrian Slywotzky
Who'll Survive the Value Revolution

Author and management consultant Adrian Slywotzky urges hospital leaders to keep a razor-sharp focus on the market and all the forces that will transform it over the next couple of years.


Clinical Management
Trends in Service Line Management

Whether it's the hospital lab, OR, ED or cancer care, service lines are undergoing tremendous change. H&HN's Clinical Management series takes a deep dive into the trends influencing these critical areas and explores best practices being utilized at innovative hospitals and health systems


H&HN Daily
  • Jill Sackman

    Toward Population Health Management

    Organizations that move quickly toward a population health model will better navigate coming changes in reimbursement.

    07.29.14 by Jill E. Sackman, Michael N. Abrams
  • Bill Santamour

    A 'Real Opportunity for Savings'

    To control supply costs, you better get your docs involved.

    07.29.14 by Bill Santamour H&HN Managing Editor
  • marty-stempniak-H&HN

    Taking the Pulse of Hospitals on Patient Engagement

    Health Research & Educational Trust survey set to reveal how well the industry involves the health care consumer.

    07.28.14 by Marty Stempniak H&HN Staff Writer
  • Lorene F. Schaefer

    A Fair Hearing

    If employees feel that their organizations address their concerns, they are less likely to become whistle-blowers or to air their complaints on social media.

    07.24.14 by Lorene F. Schaefer

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2014 Most Wired

This year's Most Wired hospitals are moving deeper into data analytics and population health management. It's a steep climb.

07.09.2014 by Matthew Weinstock, Suzanna Hoppszallern
Marty Stempniak
What Every Resident Should Know On Day 1

New guidelines from the Association of American Medical Colleges aim to close the gap between expectations of hospitals and talents of new MDs.

07.07.2014 by Marty Stempniak
Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Innovates with Telehealth

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals is using telehealth in new ways to better connect with patients and their families. President and CEO Stephen Klasko describes the strategy in this video.

06.30.2014 by Matthew Weinstock

Editor's Picks

Matthew Weinstock
Patient Engagement in a Mobile World

At Ochsner Health System, clinical transformation is more than a buzz phrase. The New Orleans-based provider is tapping into the power of mHealth to improve patient engagement.

07.17.14 by Matthew Weinstock H&HN Assistant Managing Editor
2014 Most Wired

This year's Most Wired hospitals are moving deeper into data analytics and population health management. It's a steep climb.

07.09.14 by Matthew Weinstock H&HN Assistant Managing Editor, Suzanna Hoppszallern
Paul Keckley
Time to Get Serious About Patient Satisfaction

A hospital serious about patient satisfaction can ill afford to be content if it scores well on standardized surveys like HCAHPS. Leaders must leverage the full range of patient satisfaction measurement tools to improve outcomes, avoid penalties and improve efficiency.

07.07.14 by Paul Keckley