Patient Attribution
Whose Patient Is He, Anyway?

The process of assigning patients to physicians in population health programs is a less-than-perfect formula for directing payment and improving care.



Telehealth: Better Connections Lead to Better Access to Care
Reshaping Your World and Your Patients'

Hospitals are embracing powerful new tools to connect immediately — and continuously — to people miles away or just across the street.


Cost Control
Creative Ways to Cut Labor Costs

Technology and finding creative ways to deploy the workforce can help hospitals to bring expenses under control.


Patient Safety
Antimicrobial Stewardship: The Hospital's Role

Practical insights from a roundtable discussion on how to prevent the dangerous overuse and misuse of antibiotics.


H&HN Daily
  • Marty-Stempniak

    The 'Next Frontier' for Patient and Family Engagement

    New guide from the AHA’s Health Research & Educational Trust details five easy steps toward involving patients as advisers.

    03.30.15 by
  • population-health

    H&HN Wins Best Subject-Related Series at Neal Awards

    Its "New Models of Care" series, which examines ways hospitals can transition to population health, was recognized with a distinguished award at the 61st annual event in New York City last week.

    03.30.15 by
  • Lindsey Dunn

    Health System Tracks Community Health in Real-Time

    NorthShore University HealthSystem is pioneering an initiative to track occurrences of such things as the flu in the broader community. The goal is to arm clinicians with real-time data to make more informed treatment decisions.

    03.26.15 by
  • Roy Beveridge

    The Value of Value-Based Payment

    The new paradigm in payment models will improve health and save hospitals money.

    03.26.15 by

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