AHA Chair Jonathan Perlin, M.D.
Hospitals play an 'extraordinary’ role

The new AHA board chair wants to emphasize efforts that drive the field toward the Triple Aim.


Medicaid Reform
States are putting Medicaid to the test

To save money and improve quality, cash-strapped states are changing their Medicaid programs and pushing risk-based care models.


Small, Rural + Smart
Size and agility can be an advantage in meeting new health care demands

Some small and rural hospitals are exploring innovative ways to respond to new health care imperatives.


The New Health Care Dynamic
A cross-industry perspective

A panel of experts from a cross section of the economy to examine the current and future states of health care.


H&HN Daily
  • marty-stempniak

    Consumerism, Population Health Top of Mind for Hospital Leaders

    Huron Healthcare gathers chief executives from the field to chew over the big-picture issues.

    01.26.15 by
  • Matthew Weinstock medical homes

    Burwell: Tie More Medicare Pay to Quality and Value

    Federal officials today announced a plan to link a greater share of Medicare dollars to new payment models that reward better outcomes.

    01.26.15 by
  • Matthew-weinstock

    Putting Your IT Systems to the Test

    A new partnership between the AHA and CHIME aims to broaden the scope and reach of the Most Wired Survey and Benchmarking Study. Hospital leaders looking to measure their IT implementation against the field should log in and take the survey.

    01.22.15 by
  • kenneth-kaufman

    Embracing the Smart(phone) Hospital

    Consumers are immersed in digital communication; it's time for traditional health care organizations to join them.

    01.22.15 by

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Patients are acting more like consumers and the hospital field needs to prepare for that change, say speakers at an AHA event.

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A statistical look at hepatitis C, flu costs, healthiest and unhealthiest states and deadly superbugs.

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Service-line Management: A Behind the Scenes Road to Value

Value opens the door to participating in new payment models. To that end, hospitals are eyeing better cost and quality equations.

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