Fast and secure access to patient information coupled with real-time data integration, informatics and analytics are driving improvements in how the University of Chicago Medical Center delivers care. These improvements in patient engagement and clinical and operational performance result in better care and safety for patients. “We believe we are part of the care team at UCMC,” says Eric Yablonka, vice president and chief information officer. As an active member of the Clinical Quality Committee, information services leadership supports high-reliability, quality-improvement activities across the enterprise that include more than 380 inpatient order sets in service lines. For example, enhancements to comfort care order sets promote dosing guidelines that help patients reach their therapeutic goals.

A leading-edge platform enables end user self-sufficiency and enterprise agility through rapid deployment. Recent capabilities include: market-focused service line scorecards providing visibility into performance metrics; a fill-rate (available vs. filled appointments) dashboard enabling cost management of critical resources and patient engagement; and real-time identification and tracking of specific diseases, starting with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to lower readmissions.


  • Collaborate with clinical and business partners to enhance technologies, support workflows and manage the health of populations better.
  • Active participation of information services on the Clinical Quality Committee.
  • Deliver a leading-edge IS platform enabling end user self-sufficiency, flexibility to accommodate rapidly changing business needs and enterprise agility.
  • Apply high-reliability concepts to benchmarks and standardize care processes.
  • Work closely with clinical teams to improve clinical performance, quality and safety for patients.