The world was still at war in January 1944, and though it raged far from American soil, the horror of it cast a heavy, dark shadow over everyday life here at home. Families grieved for the young men fighting and dying in faraway lands against forces whose zealotry and inhumanity were unfathomable. Maintaining faith that the Allies’ noble cause would eventually triumph — that sanity and peace would once again prevail — was a national priority. Institutions and organizations across the continent felt a responsibility to help bolster citizens’ spirits and nourish their hopes that better days were on the horizon.

This page, from the January 1944 issue of Hospitals magazine, was just one way the American Hospital Association sought to inspire its members during the long, grim years of World War II. It promises that, though sometimes human progress has been interrupted by adversity, “the sun always rises, and with the new day comes man’s opportunity to move forward.”

“Look!” it proclaims. “The sun is up!”