Re: "Thirty-something and a CEO" in February's H&HN


Great article and advice by Nicholas Tejeda (CEO of Tenet California's Doctor's Hospital of Monteca). There is so much to learn from veteran C-suite leaders. Young and upcoming leaders also have many things to bring to the table and, if we can learn to embrace each other, we can achieve our goal of helping more people receive the high-quality health care they deserve. This also allows us to run more efficient and, yes, profitable, organizations with happier employees. Mr. Tejeda, keep up the great work!

— John Webb

A Peaceful End

Re: “Health Care Costs and Choices in the Last Years of Life” by Ian Morrison in H&HN Daily, March 3

Thank you for sharing so thoroughly about the progress, and lack of progress, in providing good end-of-life care in our current medical system. Every one of us needs to be proactive … “We are living longer and consuming services at an increasingly intense rate well into our 90s.” My mother also died peacefully with great dignity in hospice, and chose to forgo much of the life-prolonging care offered to her. How much of those services we want to access needs to be a conscious choice and a continual conversation with our families and medical providers.

— Amy Getter, M.S., R.N.

A Growing Challenge

Re: “Health Care Costs and Choices in the Last Years of Life” by Ian Morrison in H&HN Daily, March 3

This is great — a compelling description of the improvements underway in caring for seniors. I would only add that all the reports on the limited financial assets of the generation just entering Medicare — the boomers — suggest that the challenges for patients and providers will be even greater than we imagine now.

— Molly Coye

Telepharmacists at Your Service

Re: “A Surprising Leader in Telehealth and Vaccinations” by Bill Santamour in H&HN Daily, March 17

Telemedicine, as you point out, represents a great opportunity to provide cost-effective medical care in areas where access to health care professionals can be challenging. The same holds true for telepharmacy, which puts a remotely located licensed pharmacist "on-site" at a hospital, to handle medication reconciliations, review scripts, dispense medications and even handle patient consultations pre- and post-discharge.

Hospitals large and small that implement cost-effective telepharmacy services are not only saving money, they also are improving care, patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and reducing readmissions — all with an Internet connection, handheld electronic device and camera!

— Jeff Lackman

A Blessing Foremost

Re: “When Cancer Hits Mom or Dad, Kids Feel the Pain” by Laura Putre in February's H&HN

Rose [McKeever, DeKalb Medical Center, Decatur, Ga.] has an amazing gift of empathy and compassion.

If you ever have the privilege to work with her or meet her, you will not forget her. She may be an LPN, however, she is first and foremost a blessing to all she meets.

— Kenneth Todd

Defining a Good Death

Re: “Rate Your Hospice and Palliative Care on These 10 Measures” by Bill Santamour in H&HN Daily, March 10

In reviewing the points made, I conclude that taking care of the logistics of end-of-life [care] come first. That takes maybe two hours? And, then what? Then what truly defines a good death?

The circumstances under which any of us experience death — whether our own or someone else's — become the story. How the hours passed, what we heard and saw, the suffering we witnessed, the care and comfort that was provided or not. This is the real story.

Why weren't any of these issues on the list?

— Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D.
President, CEO and Co-founder
Healing HealthCare Systems Inc.
Reno, Nev.