Long-term care field should focus on retaining workers — report

High movement by workers into and out of the long-term care field could signal problems down the road when home care and long-term care volume is expected to soar, according to a report from the UCSF Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term Care. With its high reliance on care from non-physician and non-nurse providers, the LTC segment is vulnerable to labor disruptions, according to the report, called “Entry and Exit of Workers in Long-Term Care.” Included in the report are federal data projections showing employment in home health to climb 60 percent over 10 years and 20 percent in nursing homes.

Middle and high school students targeted for health care careers

More than $22.2 million was granted to organizations in Alameda County, Calif., aimed at encouraging middle school and high school students to explore careers in health care. The Atlantic Philanthropies granted $10 million to Alameda Health System to support health care internships through the Oakland Unified School District career academies and to enhance its ability to provide quality services in low-income communities of color, according to a news release. The Atlantic Philanthropies also joined with the California Endowment to grant $12.2 million to the Oakland school district and the Alameda Health Care Services Agency to encourage academic and long-term employment outcomes.

Electronic coursework may help ease labor shortage

Computer- and Internet-based health care education programs do neither better nor worse than traditional models, according to a report commissioned by the World Health Organization. Despite drawbacks largely related to students having to work alone, the ease of access, lower cost and other benefits may hold promise for increased use of the approach, according to the report, “eLearning for Undergraduate Health Professional Education.” Further research is needed on such things as the quality of eLearning in health care, according to the report, which was conducted by the Imperial College London.