A compilation of industry insight and feedback can guide your hospital to engage with its community and stay abreast of governance changes.

These are tumultuous times for hospitals. As society demands change in how health care is delivered, paid for and governed, health systems not only are potentially strapped for cash, they’re also continually forced to innovate.

Part of that creative thinking requires reconceptualizing the role of a hospital or, as the American Hospital Association terms in a new leadership toolkit, “Redefining the H.”

Two AHA board committees, the Committee on Research and Committee on Performance Improvement, yesterday released a report to this end. Titled  “Engaging Trustees and Communities,” the toolkit is the result of insight gleaned from six community events and a survey of more than 1,500 health care leaders. Hospital leaders can look to this package to learn how to foster hospital engagement in their own communities, and how health care’s governance practices are changing.

Also available is a report of the survey results and community conversations feedback, as well as eight additional tools and resources focused on engaging communities and trustees. Scroll down the right toolbar to view and download each section of the leadership toolkit.

Be sure to open H&HN Daily on Feb. 26, when AHA Chairman Jonathan Perlin, M.D., and board member Thomas Burke, M.D., will offer further insights on this resource.