PricewaterhouseCoopers and ECRI Institute are making some bold predictions for the coming year. PwC outlined what its consultants think will be the industry’s top 10 issues for the year based on expert interviews and consumer surveys, while ECRI identified what could be the top 10 technology hazards for 2015.

Top Health Industry Issues of 2015

1 | Balancing privacy and convenience of care, with convenience gaining ground.

2 | Medical mobile apps and other portable devices will proliferate, raising the need for strong security systems.

3 | Wearable technology and smartphone-linked devices will turn homes into mini-clinics.

4 | The continued rising costs of dual eligibles, patients eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, will invite innovations in care and systems.

5 | Scrutiny of drug pricing and efficacy will intensify as a result of high specialty-drug prices.

6 | Drug and life sciences companies will open clinical trial data vaults to expedite research.

7 | Industry players will seek out information on all aspects of the newly insured, from their health to the cost of caring for them.

8 | Physicians will hand off work to extenders as digital monitoring and the expanded responsibilities of risk-based payments take hold.

9 | Health care will look for fresh ways to engage and attract the millennials, the next generation of health care consumers.

10 | Competitive pressures will invite further joint ventures, collaboration and new forms of partnerships.

Top Health Technology Hazards of 2015

1 | Alarm hazard from inadequate configuration policies and practices

2 | Incorrect or missing data in electronic health record systems

3 | Mixing up of IV lines

4 | Inadequate reprocessing of endoscopes and surgical instruments

5 | Ventilator disconnections going unnoticed because of mismanagement

6 | Errors and failures in use of patient movement devices

7 | Unnoticed variation in dosing of imaging radiation

8 | Robotic surgery complications caused by inadequate training

9 | Insufficient cybersecurity of medical devices and systems

10 | Overwhelmed safety recall and alert management programs

— Sources: PricewaterhouseCoopers and ECRI Institute, 2014.