Have you ever known someone who communicated too much at work?

If you have, I doubt such interaction has really been that problematic. Not to be confused with talking too much (if only that affliction were a rarity), over-communicating implies being too clear about our expectations, concerns and goals. It actually sounds like kind of a nice problem to have, doesn't it?

There is so much room for error when it comes to navigating the maze of conflicting needs, resources and education levels inherent in any changing industry these days — especially one as fraught as health care — that we should all be so lucky to work with an over-communicator.

Here's what I think: Maybe it's time for you to be that over-communicator.

Hospitals & Health Networks has already been doing a little over-communicating of its own, exposing you to the most compelling ideas, pertinent trends and informed insight that health care leaders have to offer. But we want to engage you better in the conversation. We've started a LinkedIn discussion group to that end, where we hope to foster the kind of conversation that keeps us all on the same page, ever-changing as it is. Here you'll find a space exclusively dedicated to the concerns and ideas of health care industry leaders. We hope you'll join, invite your peers and help us promote the kind of dialogue that keeps us all at pace in this rapidly changing arena.

So, with that in mind, let's clear the air! Open the floodgates! Chew the fat! You get where I'm going with this, right?