The death yesterday of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person in the United States to be diagnosed with Ebola, has raised the stakes in terms of emergency preparedness.

CDC and Homeland Security officials announced beefed-up screening procedures at the nation’s five busiest airports.

In our sector, which is on the front lines, CDC chief Thomas Frieden, M.D., in a column earlier this week, said that the agency “is committed to making sure every U.S. health care system and health care worker is prepared for Ebola,” adding that the CDC is “working closely with hospitals across the nation. This includes assisting hospitals with holding drills to make sure hospital staff are properly prepared for the arrival of a patient who might have Ebola.”

As the Wall Street Journal reported, some hospitals are conducting their own readiness drills by sending in fake patients.

With Ebola continuing to spark concerns, I thought it would be good to remind you of some valuable resources that can aid in your developing a preparedness plan, including the main CDC website for health care workers. Other useful links include:

Finally, the CDC is hosting a conference call this afternoon for hospital and health system leaders: