One of the biggest challenges facing the field broadly — and hospitals individually — is figuring out what population health means, AHA Chairman Jim Hinton told me during a recent interview.

“It’s a phrase that’s thrown around everywhere you go, but it can mean a lot of different things,” said Hinton, president and CEO of Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Albuquerque, N.M. However, people are “struggling with definitions” and then determining their targets, he said. He was quick to add that “there are great stories throughout our field about what health systems are doing.”

One of the benefits of observing delivery system transformation from this vantage point is that we get to see both the challenges that Hinton described as well as the positive stories. While it may be a bit self-serving, I thought that it might be useful to pull together a sample of case studies illustrating the strides hospitals are making in addressing population and community health. Here are five multimedia interviews with hospital leaders and others who offer key insights on developing a population health strategy. I’ve also provided links to the individual videos and podcast. I hope you find them valuable.

Dispersing the Population Health Dividend - Video