WASHINGTON — It’s Day 2 of the AHA Annual Membership Meeting and a few themes are starting to emerge.

One is something AHA President and CEO Rich Umbdenstock has coined “redefining the H.” What, he asks, will it mean to be a hospital in the transformed health care world?

Among other things, the move from a fee-to-service to a value-based environment is prompting hospitals to embrace population health management and promote care across the continuum. The goal is to improve the health of the community, provide better access to primary care, reduce admissions and readmissions, and lead to measurable improvements in outcomes of care.

On the other hand, according to another prominent theme here, hospitals won’t be able to accomplish the twin goal of more effective and efficient health care without “predictability” on the legislative and regulatory fronts.

“Hospitals cannot effectively transform the health care system without a predictable revenue stream,” declares one of the advocacy messages AHA members are being asked to take to their legislators, both on their visits to Capitol Hill Wednesday and back in their home districts. “Every time Congress grapples with a budget crisis, hospitals face additional cuts and even greater uncertainty.”

Umbdenstock addresses the issue in this video:

Another area of interest that's emerged is what effect Obamacare will have on this fall's midterm elections.

In an on-stage discussion