If Brian Klepper can rally the business community to his way of thinking, employers will represent a formidable front in the push for greater transparency, lower costs and better outcomes; in other words, more value for the billions of dollars that they pump into the health care sector every year.

Klepper, CEO of the National Business Coalition on Health, says that the business community hasn’t done a good job at managing health care, at least when compared with the way it manages other operational expenses. Speaking at the Midwest Business Group on Health’s annual meeting yesterday, Klepper and others called on attendees to be more aggressive in demanding a better return on their investment.

“Think of the leverage that is possible if employers got together and said, ‘We want our data. We want to know the pricing. We won’t accept substandard care.’ This has been the province of HR departments. We need C-suite engagement,” Klepper said.

He details the coalition's goals in this video:

Certainly we’ve heard this before — employer groups professing that they'll use their purchasing power to reward top performers and punish those at the bottom of the quality and cost spectrum.