Too Much for Small Hospitals

Re: Calling All Docs: Primary Care Shortage Looms Large, February H&HN

At a time when money is getting tighter and tighter for hospitals, especially critical access-sized hospitals that have physicians on salaries and RVU payments, recruitment costs, incentive bonuses, etc. are a luxury few can afford (even if it's an investment they cannot afford not to make), particularly when the ROI on building a practice has a break-even point of months to years.

That slamming sound you hear in the distance is little hospitals closing their doors. So much for access to care.

Ron Eyer, MIS
Ironwood, Mich.

25 Years of Wellness

Great article on wellness ["Employee Wellness Proves Its Worth," March]. We here at Penrose–St. Francis Health Services are celebrating 25 years of having an active wellness program, with nice gyms, classes, courses and Healthy Lifestyle coaches. We recently changed our program from "process" incentive to an "outcomes" incentive, where associates can earn money or a day off if they meet certain biometric goals. We will be incorporating many of our own tactics in ACOs that we are forming with local doctors and hope to measure the ROI on these.

Gary A. Morse
Vice President, Human Resources
Penrose–St. Francis Health Services
Colorado Springs, Colo.


Allegiance Health is the 2010 winner of the Foster G. McGaw Prize. The March profile of the Jackson, Mich., health system incorrectly stated that it was the 2011 prize winner.