Staff Morale

Re: "Is Your IT Staff Getting Fried?" by Matthew Weinstock, H&HN Daily, Nov. 16

One of my peers passed out a pin that every staff person wore, stating; "Every patient is my patient." A couple of months later, after brainstorming with some peers, I had pins made which read, "Every staff member is my staff member" and asked directors, managers of all of the units in the hospital to wear one. It was a two-week campaign; then people stopped wearing the button and intentional caring acts ceased.

Some of the comments made by managers were, "My staff is causing me problems — why be nice to them?" [We all] have heard the same "we/they" comments. Until all members of health care teams recognize that good patient care happens as a result of good staff care, we will beat our heads on the wall to get the quality we desire in a fiscally responsible manner.

Posted by cathymm803

Whose Wishes Matter?

Re: "A Life, and Death, Conversation" by Mary Grayson, H&HN Daily, Nov. 7

My father had the most complete and all encompassing advanced directive his physician had ever seen, and yet my stepmother still refused to let him go after a massive stroke. Does the advanced directive ever take precedence over family wishes?

Posted by Denise


In the November article "Worth the Risk? Hospital Aims to Prove that Quality Care Pays," the relationship between Methodist Medical Center of Illinois and Caterpillar Inc. inadvertently was misrepresented as an ACO.

Methodist has a value-based, pay-for-performance agreement with Caterpillar, as part of the move toward an improved care delivery system.