The Right HCAHPS Strategy

Re: "It May be the Information Age, But Patients Still Want Face Time" by Haydn Bush, H&HN Daily, Oct. 5

I appreciated the way you juxtaposed the "micro" level strategy of diagnosing and treating individual HCAHPS elements against the "macro" approach of changing the patient-orientation of an entire culture.

I'm curious — have you heard of any other examples of high-level strategic changes that had a positive trickle-down effect on the entire patient experience?

I absolutely agree that the recruiting/hiring element must be a point of emphasis going forward, i.e., bringing in staff who are predisposed to provide a great patient experience, rather than trying to ingrain something that isn't there to begin with. I believe that these high-level, innovative strategies are going to be true game changers for the organizations that "get it," while others are going to be quickly left behind.

Brandon Clark
Service Excellence Senior Manager
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Forever Young?

Re: "On the Cusp of Retirement, Out of Touch With Reality" by Bill Santamour, H&HN Daily, Oct. 4

Boomers want to be forever young and work to maintain that youthful lifestyle through medicine either holistically or cosmetically. They keep doing activities that require medical maintenance or are involved in activities that require more medical backup.

The boomer population is not just sitting and growing old. Whether or not this is unrealistic, as they have paid into the system with their life investment (insurance, Social Security) and become educated as to what is available in health care, is not easy to determine.

Posted by Randall