From the Desk of Ian Morrison

TO: The Field
FROM: Ian Morrison
RE: The 2011 Health Forum— AHA Leadership Summit July 17-19 in San Diego

The Leadership Summit just gets better and better. We have an unbelievable lineup of dynamic keynoters who will challenge and inspire us as we tackle this year's theme, "Delivering Greater Value: New Business and Care Delivery Models." Health care systems are rolling up their sleeves to prepare for a new world of health reform and changes in reimbursement. The Summit is a great opportunity for all of us to learn from our stellar keynoters how to lead in a time of high change.

Tom Brokaw, the legendary newsman and author, will provide us with the big-picture context of how our society is shifting, both globally and nationally, and how the generations are reacting to and are affected by the sweeping forces of change. Smart, charming and completely engaging, Tom Brokaw can tell a story like no one else. And his big story will be about how the world is changing and what it means for you, no matter to what generation you belong.

Mike Krzyzewski, Coach K. of Duke University's perpetual powerhouse basketball program, knows more about teamwork and leadership than almost anyone on the planet. If you want to know how to unlock the best in your people and your organization, you cannot miss Coach K.'s insights into excellence in leadership.

Dr. Atul Gawande, the acclaimed writer, researcher and surgeon, is back at the Summit by popular demand. One of the most gifted communicators of his generation, Dr. Gawande will share his perspective on how we can improve health care in America. Drawing on his ongoing research and his award-winning books and The New Yorker articles, Dr. Gawande will show us how to make practical progress in performance improvement.

Chip Heath, bestselling author of Made to Stick and Switch, brings his fresh thinking to the process of leading change. Heath will teach us how to make changes happen in our organizations and in ourselves by understanding the simple, systematic keys to making a switch.

Dr. Fareed Zakaria, CNN broadcaster, author and columnist, is an astute observer and analyst of global change. His in-depth understanding of the key driving forces shaping the global landscape will help us place our challenges of change in a big-picture context. With the skills and experience of writer, analyst and broadcaster and drawing on his face-to-face encounters with world leaders, Dr. Zakaria will share his prescription for change and how we can restore the American Dream.

Lee Woodruff, author and contributing editor of Good Morning America, has gone through the roller coaster of change in her own life and has come through it all with grace, humor and a unique understanding of how to manage through difficult times. Her story and insights will inspire us to overcome any difficulties we encounter on the road ahead.

This amazing lineup will provide context for dealing with changes ahead. But, that's not all! Educational tracks will translate their stories into practical information for you to take home. And I will be there as your guide to help make connections with the theme of delivering greater value through innovation. It will be a great Leadership Summit; see you there.