A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that monthly premiums for health insurance in the individual market varies widely by state, from a high of $437 a month in Massachusetts to $136 a month in Alabama. 

The report, which analyzed data from 42 states and the District of Columbia, cited a variety reasons for the variation in premiums, including cost of living differences, individual state effectiveness at controlling costs, a range of benefit plans and patient cost-sharing differences.

  • Overall, the average monthly premium in the individual market was $215 per month.
  • Ten states reported average monthly premiums below $200, 26 states averaged between $200-$300 a month and five states averaged monthly premiums between $300-$400.
  • Massachusetts and Vermont were the only states with average monthly premiums above $400.
  • In general, the highest premiums were concentrated in Northeastern states; every state in the Northeast reported average monthly premiums above $300. 

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