Most American parents still favor getting their children all of the recommended vaccinations, despite some lingering concern about their effectiveness, according to a Health Affairs study released this week. The report found that 94 percent of parents either had their children vaccinated for all recommended vaccines or planned to.  However, only 23 percent of parents had no concerns about vaccines, while other parents voiced concerns ranging from pain encountered during shots to their worry that vaccines could potentially cause chronic disease.

Among the other findings:

  • 83 percent of respondents had already had their children vaccinated for all recommended vaccines, while 11 percent planned to.
  • 38 percent of parents said they were concerned about the pain their children would endure from multiple shots during one visit.
  • 32 percent of parents worried about vaccines causing fevers.
  • 30 percent of parents worried that vaccines may be linked to the development of learning disabilities, including autism.
  • 11 percent of parents said they worried vaccines may cause chronic disease.

Read the full report here.