Redefining roles in patient care

Re: "Extra Mile: The Matriarch of the Unit" by Laura Putre, January H&HN

Thank you for this interesting commentary on the foundation of patient engagement and nursing leadership. Increasingly, charge and resource nurses are providing those connections for patients and staff for what was once the province of the nurse managers, who now have extended responsibilities that keep them involved in more meetings and different types of collaborative functions. The linchpin and area of concern is how to optimize Susanna Cheung's performance as role modeling for not just the staff nurse but, may I say, the manager's, as we redefine resource roles in patient care arenas. Great example piece that articulates well the "form and function" of patient engagement and satisfaction. Thank you.

— Sandra Sperry

Ending RAC abuse

Re: "Whacked by RAC" by Mark Taylor, January H&HN

Great article. I certainly hope the American Hospital Association takes control of this abuse of hospitals by the RAC program. Amazed to read that CMS "concedes that RAC contractors do not always find errors on the claims they request, the agency says the auditors are returning money that Medicare sorely needs in the face of growing numbers of beneficiaries and federal deficits." Pretty sad that they admit that the end justifies the means.

— Ronald Hirsch, M.D.

Cheers for the chair

Re: Interview with AHA Chair Jim Hinton in H&HN Daily, Jan. 13

Articulate, succinct and on target. Good to hear the new chair expressing his goals. Thank you!

— Linda Hardham

A most critical factor

Re: "Seven Steps to Engage Your Hospital Staff" by Fran Atkinson and Anne S. Klein in H&HN Daily, Jan. 9

Enjoyed this article. It's not rocket science just common sense with an awareness that communication must be clear, complete and aligned with the mission of the organization.
Kennedy Health System has profited by recognizing the most critical factor — engage everyone in meaningful discussion that leads to actions people embrace and are proud of.
— Marty Diamond
Co-Founder and Principal
ZIA Healthcare

Interoperable IT: Start here

Re: "The Road to Interoperable Health IT" by Joseph Frassica in H&HN Daily, Jan. 14

Solid summary. Really solid.

A thought on the patient vs. physician part: No reason to wait for a big all-encompassing solution before at least solving the patient side of the experience. I say this because the patient problem vs. the physician problem are at their core rooted in different needs, different pain points.

— Tyler Hayes

Target obesity early

Re: "Ganging Up on 3 Big Health Care Issues" by Bill Santamour in H&HN Daily, Jan. 14

Obesity is definitely a major issue especially amongst young children. We need to arrrest the issue at this young age before it is uncontrollable. It is worth it to spend the time now than be sorry later.

— Bernard Gordon

Don't worry, be aware

Re: "Losing It or Obsessing About It" by Bill Santamour, H&HN Daily, Jan. 21

Thank you for making me laugh about worrying about my memory going. I sure know the feeling of mixing up names. My grandchildren just laugh when I call them by their siblings' names.

But I agree that we should pay attention (without obsessing about it) to faulty cognition and I applaud Ohio State for making this free test available to people and their doctors.

— Maryjoy O'Brien