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In April 2013, Health Forum launched a survey to track and monitor the evolution of new systems of care, including accountable care organizations, medical homes and entities engaged in various payment and insurance models providing care to a population.

The 2013 survey covers:

  • Care coordination and patient population efforts
  • Payment models
  • New models of care: patient-centered medical homes, clinically integrated networks, ACOs and combinations of those
  • Section on ACOs: risk arrangements, governance, physician arrangements and more

These results will:

  • Pinpoint which hospitals are leading, a part of, or planning to engage in a new care model
  • Identify current and expected payment structures
  • Establish a baseline for care coordination and patient population efforts
  • Track physician relations and role with new models of care

About the Data

2011 Care Coordination Survey

Developed by the Health Research & Educational Trust and the Commonwealth Fund

Purpose: Assess the current state of hospital readiness in the development of accountable care organizations (ACOs)


  • Small percentage (3%) of hospitals participating in an ACO
  • Expect revenue sources from risk-based financial reimbursement to double over the next 2 years
  • Majority of hospitals are actively engaged in a number of care coordination efforts
  • Significant variation in care coordination functionalities
  • ACO hospitals significantly involved in population health management services
  • Key barriers in planning or being a part of an ACO

2013 Survey of Care Systems & Payment

Developed by AHA and Health Forum


  • Key questions included in other AHA surveys over the past few years to obtain baseline information
  • 2011 Care Coordination Survey used as foundation to build upon
  • Additional questions and wording to capture current landscape

Survey content

  • Ability to provide integrated primary, acute, and post-acute services
  • Care coordination and safe transition practices
  • Ability to manage financial risk, receive bundle payment, and calculate and distribute shared savings
  • Monitor and share performance data

ACO deep dive such as:

  • Organization
  • Risk arrangements
  • Determining patient population
  • Communication of clinical information to all providers/health information technology
  • Ability to manage financial risk and calculate and distribute shared savings

Survey facts

  • All U. S. community hospitals in April 2013
  • Response to-date is 1,323 (27% response rate)
  • Open, continuous survey with updated timely results