A new report from the health care consulting group Leavitt Partners finds continued growth in the development of accountable care organizations, identifying 221 ACOs operating in 45 U.S. states. Hospital-sponsored ACOs continue to outnumber other variants, comprising 118, or 53.4 percent, of the ACOs identified by Leavitt. However, the number of physician group-sponsored ACOs nearly doubled over the past 6 months, from 38 to 70. Twenty-nine ACOs, meanwhile, are chiefly sponsored by an insurer, while four are sponsored by community-based organizations.


The survey also found that single-provider ACOs — which it said was typified by integrated delivery systems receiving global, risk-based payments from payers — comprised 67 percent of all ACOs, followed by multiple-provider ACOs at 19 percent. ACOs organized by insurers comprised 8 percent of ACOs; equal partnerships between insurers and providers accounted for 6 percent.

Among the other findings:

  • Of the 198 ACOs the group was able to define by a geographic boundary, 89 percent operated in one state.
  • California was home to the most ACOs, with 25 in total.
  • Delaware, Idaho, Rhode Island, South Dakota and West Virginia are the only states without ACO-affiliated hospitals.

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