Dear Reader

We are excited to host the 14th Annual Non-Profit Health Care Investor Conference. The conference brings leading health care providers together with capital market participants to address major topics at the forefront of the health care industry. In light of ongoing market volatility, changing investor needs and implementation of health reform, the conference continues to be one of the most important platforms for connecting health systems with the capital markets.

The theme this year is "Investing in Value-Based Health Care." Our goal is to gain greater insight into the key strategies health systems are implementing to plan, develop and execute value-based health care initiatives. We hope to learn, among other things:

  • how health systems and key constituents are defining value;
  • what factors health systems are considering when striving to create a high-value care delivery system and how return on investment is measured;
  • what operational, financial and quality-based initiatives health systems are implementing to reduce the overall cost of care;
  • what strategies are being utilized to build a more robust and efficient continuum of care;
  • how health systems are using technology to advance coordinated care and population health-management initiatives.

The AHA, HFMA and Citi are committed to providing a forum for health care systems and investors to exchange insights and to foster greater understanding of key issues.


Frederick A. Hessler
Managing Director and Health Care Finance Group Head
Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Citi strives to be a leader and partner in assessing the ever-changing health care industry environment, addressing today's challenges and developing solutions for the future.