Executive Corner

A new report finds that health care, more than any other industry, is the major target of threats and attacks to cybersecurity. The 2015 Industry Drill-Down Report, written by Raytheon Co. and Websense Security Labs researchers, was released Sept. 23.

Health care is 340 percent more likely to be hit by a security incident than the average industry.

The sector is four times as likely to be hit by advanced malware.

Health care facilities are 200 percent more likely to encounter data theft than the average industry.

Personally identifiable information from a health care setting is as much as 10 times more valuable than that of a simple, retail credit card.

Electronic health records and the new paradigm of patient data portability means potentially numerous breach points: the doctor’s office, lab, pharmacy, outpatient facilities, emergency department, patient room, the rehabilitation center, according to Robert Slocum, Raytheon senior product manager for data and endpoint security. — JON ASPLUND