Executive Corner

“Governance in a Consumer-Centric Health Care Ecosystem,” published by the AHA’s Center for Healthcare Governance, offers a three-year road map to position hospitals for success in the era of consumerism.

Year 1: Accumulate and Distribute Information.

• If you don’t already have one, implement a dashboard that enables real-time monitoring of all key operations and metrics.

• Launch a personalized digital experience for every consumer who wishes to interact with your organization.

• Build platforms for population health data analytics.

Year 2: Engage Others Through Data

• Find ways to partner with and integrate pharmacies, primary care clinics, home health agencies and other external entities to work as an extension of the health system.

• Deepen relationships with existing partners to achieve strategic goals.

Year 3: Evaluate and Enhance Performance

• Evaluate the effectiveness of patient engagement and financial incentives for wellness and payment reform initiatives.

• Adopt a high-performance culture dedicated to continuous improvement.