The American Medical Association's (AMA) Interaction Studio at health technology incubator MATTER in Chicago started off a space where doctors and designers could come together and imagine the patient exam room of the future. Now that the 450-sq. ft. space has finally opened, it's clear that the concept has turned into something more.

The new studio launched Nov. 4 with areas that mimic a waiting room, an office space and an exam area. Members of the tech incubator can test and demonstrate new technologies to learn how their products operate in real time within these simulated spaces, allowing them to make informed design tweaks before launching into the health care market.

"It is incredibly valuable for health care entrepreneurs to have access to physicians as they build their products, technologies and business," says Steven Collens, MATTER chief executive officer. "The AMA Interaction Studio enables entrepreneurs and clinicians to collaborate with each other in a real-world, technology-enabled environment to accelerate the development of meaningful new solutions to improve health and health care."

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