For Loma Linda (Calif.) University Medical Center and its emergency department staff, waiting for a large surge of patients who were victims of the Dec. 2 mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., was a matter of putting their training to use.

As soon as Loma Linda UMC received a message that a mass shooting had occurred, Kathleen Clem, M.D., emergency medicine department chair, raced to find the hospital’s on-call ED physicians who, as luck would have it, were already on-site for a meeting.

Clem gathered 12 physicians, triple the number that usually staff the ED, and stationed trauma teams at the front entrance of the department.

Even though they were not certain of the scope of the shooting, which killed 14 and injured 21, the hospital was ready for a large number of patients. Loma Linda UMC is only 3 miles from Inland Regional Center, the site of the attack, and the only Level I Trauma Center in a five-county region.

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