TBT Drug Room 1915

Drug room (pharmacy) at The Jewish Hospital, circa 1915

Throwback Thursday celebrates the 150th anniversary of Einstein Healthcare Network. Founded in 1866, according to their website, the 22-bed Jewish hospital sought to provide relief to the sick and wounded regardless of creed, color, nationality or ability to pay. Soon after, the hospital became a refuge for soldiers returning from the Civil War, freed slaves and immigrants. Eventually, The Jewish Hospital merged with Mount Sinai Hospital and the Northern Liberties Hospital and, in 1952, all three joined as one center and the institution was renamed in honor of the great Jewish scientist, Albert Einstein.

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TBT Operating Room Pre-1900

Operating room at The Jewish Hospital, pre-1900


TBT The Jewish Hospital 1866The Jewish Hospital, circa 1866


TBT The Jewish Hospital from Olney St

The Jewish Hospital from Olney Road, circa 1880


TBT Einstein Letter 1951

A 1951 letter from Albert Einstein reads, "I am very touched indeed that you and your friends have chosen my name for the new Medical Center."


TBT Hospital Ward

Hospital ward at The Jewish Hospital, circa 1900