UPMC Enterprises, the innovation and commercialization arm of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center health system, recently announced partnerships or expanded relationships with four technology vendors. Here are snapshots of these initiatives.

Partnership: Health Catalyst

In furthering its relationship with Health Catalyst, UPMC co-led an effort to raise $70 million in funding for the Salt Lake City data warehousing, analytics and outcomes improvement solutions vendor. The money will help Health Catalyst continue its evolution from an offline data aggregator and analysis company to a real-time data production and decision-support company, integrating the knowledge from its data content and analytics into the decision workflow of clients and patients anywhere and on any device. 

Partnership: medPCU

UPMC took a majority interest in this New York company that focuses on real-time, decision-support solutions. As part of the deal, UPMC will also co-develop with the firm additional products aimed at improving patient outcomes. In addition to the stock purchase, UPMC Enterprises will lead an investment round of $35 million in new capital to accelerate the company’s expansion. The partnership will deliver immediate benefits to UPMC clinicians and patients but, in the longer term, the deal will facilitate the development of other data-dependent applications in such areas as care management, population health and consumer engagement.

Partnership: Lantern

UPMC led a $17 million round of funding for San Francisco-based Lantern, an evidence-based online mental health wellness services company. The effort is aimed at transforming the way emotional well-being services are delivered and accessed. UPMC will partner with Lantern to leverage its platform within myriad clinical settings and conditions. UPMC clinicians will work with Lantern on pilots aimed at expanding its programs to additional behavioral health issues and potentially to populations of patients with more complex conditions.

Partnership: Vivify Health

UPMC led a $17 million round of funding for this Plano, Texas-based vendor that helps health care providers to deliver remote health care services to unlimited patient populations via the cloud and the consumer’s mobile device of choice. More than 500 hospitals and payer organizations use the company’s digital health solutions for virtual care visits, remote patient monitoring, patient education and more. UPMC will use the platform beginning this month across two key service lines: patients with congestive heart failure and those in UPMC health plan’s advanced illness care program, with expanding uses cases to follow shortly thereafter.