For Throwback Thursday, we ask, "What exactly happened at hospitals in 1973?" the year these three ads ran in Hospitals magazine.

TBT-uniformsThe models at right might be trying to sell uniforms for hospital staff, but they seem preoccupied with things wholly unrelated to patient care. The woman in the salmon-colored vest could be showing off her disco moves, while her colleague in the aqua dress practices karate.

The guy in black seems ready to challenge Speed Racer. And is the woman next to him daydreaming about the hip-looking dude in the blue lab coat? As for the lady in the flowered apron: Anybody remember Donna Reed?

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Meanwhile, clearly neither of the nurses in the ad below/left expect their patient to make it out of bed alive; their only hope is shining a blinding light on him and and staring intently, with or without the gloves they're supposed to be hawking. And this last ad below/right really needs no further comment.