Father and Son Nurses Team Up in Air Ambulance

Lenth-father-son-nursesIn honor of upcoming Father's Day, this is a story about father and son nurses at ThedaCare who work as air medical flight nurses for the health system's subsidiary ThedaStar. Tim and Adam Lenth are the only father-son air flight nurse duo Nurse Watch writers have ever heard of, and ThedaStar can't find any others in Wisconsin, suggesting in a news release that there may not be others in the country. Tim joined the team in 1992 and his son Adam will celebrate his one-year anniversary at ThedaStar in August — both were drawn to the unique care that light nurses are able to provide patients. “You have a lot of autonomy as a flight nurse. There are a lot of protocols to follow, but you’re the one making the decisions and making a real difference in the care of patients,” Adam said. The family pair work together often, and they get along fine, as they do outside of work.

Former Child Patient Now Works Alongside Her Caregivers

Lastly, the kind of story that never gets old: the caregiver who was treated as a child at a hospital — or born there — and now works with those who cared for him or her. The Winston-Salem Journal describes how a former oncology patient was inspired to enter into oncology nursing. Now 25, Rachel Oliver Smith is a registered nurse in the hematology-oncology unit at Brenner Children's Hospital, part of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. She didn't seemed destined for nursing (or did she?). Smith says that as a patient she once kicked a doctor. "I was a bit of a brat, she tells the newspaper, but those days are long gone.