Real, honest-to-God, feet-on-the-ground hospital leaders — people just like you — struggling to figure out how they can move their organizations forward in what is still a very confusing and uncertain future.

These are the folks who will be in Chicago Oct. 25 and 26 for the H&HN Executive Forum, and you’re invited to join them. We are limiting attendance to give everyone who comes myriad chances to actively participate, so I encourage you to sign up right away.

The forum will bring together people who are responsible for the day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year decision-making in their hospitals. It won’t be pie in the sky. It won’t be theoretical. It will focus on what you can really expect in 2017 and it will provide practical, implementable advice.

In my opinion, the most useful thing about the forum is what it won’t be. For the most part, it won’t be a series of prepared speeches by individuals standing at a lectern with PowerPoint slides projected on big screens. Instead, the bulk of the program will consist of panelists representing a wide range of hospitals and health systems having lively, spontaneous back-and-forths.

And I’m betting that what hospital leaders in the audience will find most valuable will be the points at which the thinking diverges. Why did one panelist pick certain priorities for his hospital to focus on first, and why did another choose different issues for hers? How did one decide on this implementation strategy and another choose that path?

You’ll be able to contrast and compare, and to decide which of the panelists’ situations most resembles your own and how their thought processes can inform your discussions with colleagues back home.

As I said, there will be opportunities for you to participate in the discussions, ask questions, share insights from your own experiences and just hang out with people who are experiencing the same complicated, fascinating — and, let’s face it, nerve-wracking — challenges you’re going through right now.

I don’t have the space here to list everyone who will take part in the panel discussions, but you can see the full list online. A broad cross-section of hospitals whose leaders will be on hand includes Carilion Clinic; Cardon Children’s Medical Center; Banner Health; Northwestern Memorial Hospital; Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge; KentuckyOne Health; Providence Health & Services; Grinnell Regional Medical Center; Inova Health Systems; Mayo Clinic; ProMedica; HCA; Montefiore Health System; Intermountain Healthcare; and Cook County Health & Hospitals System. Also represented will be the American Hospital Association, Health Forum, the Joint Commission, the Health Research & Educational Trust and the Illinois Hospital Association.

I know there are way too many demands on your time, but I believe that the H&HN Executive Forum will be worth a visit to Chicago. I sure hope to see you there. Sign up now. — Contact me at