MW_Jim_Boyer.jpgIn the age of consumerism, health technology must be effective, convenient and affordable — resulting in noticeably better patient outcomes. At Rush Memorial Hospital, Rushville, Ind., the Lean and clinical informatics departments are working together to build efficient clinical workflows to give providers more time to spend with patients. Through the patient portal, patients have secure access to their health records, medication refills and bidirectional messaging with their care teams and health coaches. They also can maintain their personal health records. Health coaches work one-on-one with high-risk patients to improve their health. 

To advance population health and use health information technology effectively, patient engagement must be built to suit the patient’s lifestyle and the workflow of clinicians, Chief Information Officer Jim Boyer says (pictured at right). Patients can use wearables that track health statistics, have mobile access to their health records and have immediate electronic access to their care teams around the clock. Twenty-six percent of Most Wired organizations offer e-visits through a mobile application.