Docs Lost When it Comes to Pot

WW_marijuanaTurns out a lot of docs are hazy about pot. Twenty-five states now have medical marijuana laws, and the number is growing, but it’s not a subject that’s typically taught in medical school. According to Shefali Luthra’s article in the Aug. 15 Kaiser Health News, many physicians have a knowledge gap when it comes to treating patients with pot — they don’t know the proper dosage or if a patient should smoke it, eat it, rub it through oil or vaporize it. Moreover, they worry that federal law, which technically prohibits prescribing marijuana, could step in if it deems state regulations insufficient. New York has launched a four-hour, $249 certification course and other states are looking to do the same.

Finally, a Solution to that Trashed Stache

WW_beardsIn a world where you can get an artificial six-pack, your eye color changed and makeup applied permanently, why not throw facial hair into the mix? An organization called the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is encouraging facial hair transplants for those who want to jump on the beard bandwagon but who are, shall we say, whisker-challenged. “One thing today's male style icons seem to have in common besides good looks is serious scruff (think round-the-clock 5 o'clock shadows),” states the society’s news release. While many men might undergo the procedure because they think they’ll look more virile, others want to hide scars from burns or other injuries, “The one common denominator is that all facial hair transplant patients feel they would look better and have more confidence with fuller facial hair,” says Ron Shapiro, M.D., in the release. The only fly in the ointment: Now that apparently anybody can achieve a beard, the trend may be nearing its end.

Walgreens Turns Following Your Prescription into Competition

WW_Walgreens2It’s easy to forget to take your medication, and drug adherence has been a global problem. Walgreens is getting creative in an effort to solve that problem by partnering with HealthPrize Technologies to offer an online program that rewards patients for taking their meds on time, the Chicago Tribune reports. The free program will be available to patients who take certain drugs, and will award points for refilling prescriptions, taking quizzes and adhering to your prescription. The payoff: available discounts on health products and bragging rights among other “players” in the program. 

NYC Team Brings Care to the Streets

WW_Homeless_NYCHomeless persons often don’t seek out health care, so a street team in New York City is bringing care to them, reports The Huffington Post. With a $400,000 grant from the city, nurses walk the city’s parks, sidewalks and other public areas four days a week to treat those who are living on the street, many of whom struggle with a mental illness or other health problems. The goal is for the immediate treatment to spur more lasting action: Nurses have partnered with social workers from the Center for Urban Community Services to help advance their homeless patients toward long-term and/or psychiatric care, and eventually, housing. Modeled after a successful street health care program in Boston, the program is estimated to serve about 200 homeless persons a year.