Worth Drinking and Running to

beer-exercise-benefitResigning themselves to the fact that people are going to drink no matter what the impact on their well-being, a group of researchers ran a study to see if exercise might nullify health risks. Turns out, they do, according to CNN. Trying to understand exactly how they determined this might cause you to pour a drink, so let’s jump straight to the study conclusion: “Meeting the current physical activity public health recommendations offsets some of the cancer and all-cause mortality risk associated with alcohol drinking.” Cheers to that!

Crunches Equal Savings

exercise-savingsThis one is a little more of a stretch, but it’s still a good incentive to exercise. A separate group of researchers tried to determine how much, if any, money is saved by exercising, according to The New York Times. Again, they took a complicated route to reach their conclusions (yoga sounds good after wading through it), and came up with $2,500 a year. That means that on average, someone who meets exercise guidelines paid $2,500 less on cardiac care than nonexercisers. But don’t count on that amount hitting your bank account; individual results will vary.

Tattletale Name Tags

hand-washingIt never gets old hearing about ways technology can be used to get doctors to wash their hands at the appropriate time. A new Baptist Health Hospital being built in Conway, Ark., features technology that scans badges to see if physicians wash their hands when entering patients’ rooms, according to Arkansas Matters. “If they don’t,their badge is gonna beep,” according to the site. Ominously, “the information then goes into the system,” and presumably onto their permanent record.

Big Pharma Hates Him

weinstein-foundationMichael Weinstein may be the most hated person among drug manufacturers, according to a report in Tuesday’s Stat. Through the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, he has taken on some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the nation over prices, marketing and patents. Even fellow activists say he’s a bully. Now, Stat reports, Weinstein is leading the charge for a California ballot measure that “would cap how much some state health plans pay for drugs by limiting them to the heavily discounted price negotiated by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs.” Merck, Pfizer and other drug companies have already poured $87 million into fighting the measure. Of course, Big Pharma itself is no stranger to loathing. As Weekly Reading noted last week, the industry’s perception among the American public has dropped to a 16-year low in a Gallup survey.