One of the strategic priorities for Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria, Ore., is to develop a data analytics game plan that drives health care transformation. “For a data analytics strategy to become a reality, we created a structure and governance that includes the right people for the job and a strong commitment from the executive team,” says Galina Gandy, vice president, health information services.

Utilizing vast data from the electronic health record, Columbia Memorial Hospital now has a comprehensive data model that serves as the foundation of the business intelligence platform to help drive clinical and business decisions as well as manage population health.

Columbia Memorial Hospital’s checklist

  • Get strong commitment from the executive team for governance.
  • Develop a formal information governance strategy to share information internally and externally and allow for better decision-making.
  • Have key stakeholders on the business intelligence team — IT, clinical informatics and business process owners.
  • Create partnerships with the right vendors.
  • Collaborate with the larger health care community. 
  • To overcome interoperability shortcomings, select integration platform to send and receive health information with ease and efficiency.