On Tuesday, St. Louis-based Ascension took a leap forward to unify its health system and make it easier for patients to seek out individualized care.

The largest Catholic health system in the world will rebrand its care sites under the Ascension name. The move is expected to afford patients easier navigation of care, says Nick Ragone, chief marketing and communications officer for Ascension.

“It’s really to make patient navigation easier,” he says. “Particularly in our large markets like Michigan and Wisconsin, we feel that having one unified brand, identity and name will make it much easier for patients to navigate all of our sites of care.”

For example, if a patient has urgent care needs he or she can go to Ascension Urgent Care or if senior living help is needed, a person can easily seek out Ascension Senior Living.

The new structure also is expected to boost associate engagement and retention for the health system. Instead of employees being a part of many different Ascension ministries, they’ll be unified under an integrated Ascension Ministry, says Ragone.

And as part of Ascension’s new structure, the health system will organize its expertise into two divisions — health care and solutions. Ascension’s new health care division includes its hospitals and related sites of care, community clinics, Ascension Senior Living, the home care and hospice partnership Ascension At Home, Ascension Clinical Holdings and Ascension Medical Group.

The solutions division includes its many Ascension subsidiaries that provide a range of services, including clinical care management, information services and biomedical engineering.