Where is the love?

All you need is love. The Beatles preached it, and Geisinger Health System is practicing it. The health system has paid out more than $400,000 in refunds to patients whose experience and expectations were short of the kindness and compassion guaranteed by Geisinger, Dailyitem.com reports. Geisinger President and CEO David Feinberg, M.D., told Dailyitem, “The way I see it, if you go into Starbucks and you’re not happy with your order, they don’t sip your latte and argue that they made it correctly. They just take care of you on the spot.” I think pharma companies could learn a thing or two from Geisinger and the Beatles, too.

You get a job, you get a job, everyone gets a job!

WW_Best_CitiesThe east and west coasts may get a majority of the attention when it comes to health care, but the top cities for securing a job in the health care industry might come as a surprise. ABODO’s recently published report looked at the 25 most populated cities in the U.S., identifying Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, Indianapolis and Jacksonville, Fla., as the top five cities for health care jobs. The report is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Dermatologists and pharma cozy up

WW_dermatologistRoughly three-fourths of active dermatologists received some sort of compensation from drug companies in 2014, with 10 percent of physicians in that specialty receiving 90 percent of the $34 million in total payments, according to research published by JAMA Dermatology. The researchers found that 8,333 dermatologists received more than 208,000 such payments in 2014, while the Association of American Medical Colleges estimated that there were just 11,363 active dermatologists in 2013. The authors found the results to be consistent with industry payment rates among other specialties. “We hope this study will promote discussions among physicians, regulators and the public regarding various topics such as national policies, physician behaviors and potential for conflict of interest,” wrote the authors of the article “Exploring the Industry-Dermatologist Financial Relationship.”

‘The Interference Within Health Care Is Mesmerizing’

WW_PhoneWaitCardiologist Rocky Bilhartz, M.D., wrote a provocative post in Tuesday’s KevinMD.com titled “Interference in Health Care Has Run Amok.” Here’s an excerpt: “Mr. G's medicine was working fine. It's the only one of its type that he has tolerated without side effects. The insurance company covered it last year. They changed their mind about it this year. And, until we accept the logic that entrusting third parties to pay for our health might be harmful to our health, they will be the ones who keep getting to decide.” The post was headlined “Interference in Healthcare Has Run Amok.” Do you agree? Let us know by sharing your comments in the box below.