WW_WikipediaEver visited the Wikipedia website and found information that didn’t quite add up? 10 years ago, James Heilman, M.D., found errors in medical articles on the site and now spends 60 hours per week editing health-related articles on Wikipedia, National Public Radio reports. And he's not the only one. The WikiProject Medicine group contains 320 editors working on Wikipedia’s health content. “My wife likes to joke that Wikipedia’s my mistress,” said Heilman to NPR. “I prefer to call it our first child.” The Wiki health pages attracted nearly 4.9 billion page views worldwide in 2013, but the accuracy of the content has always been an issue, according to the same report. Partnerships between Wikipedia and the the National Institutes of Health are actively proofreading content, and the NIH will flag Heilman if it runs across misinformation on the site. Heilman says he continues to try to recruit colleagues to work on Wikipedia. “As a physician, I believe all people deserve access to quality health care information,” he said in the report.

Recreational and medical marijuana wins on the ballot, soda and cigarette taxes change

WW_smokes_popHealth-related decisions were on the table in this year’s election and marijuana legalization was a clear winner, STAT reports. Voters in California, Nevada and Massachusetts sanctioned recreational pot use and Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota approved it for medical purposes. Another smoking issue didn’t catch fire, however: Taxes on cigarettes increased by $2 in California, but voters in Colorado and North Dakota rejected substantial cigarette tax hikes. Additionally, several regions — Boulder, Colo., and San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany in California — voted to raise taxes on sodas and sugary drinks. Those in the Bay Area communities elected to add an extra penny per ounce onto the cost of sugary drinks, and in Boulder, soda taxes will rise 2 cents per ounce.

Antimicrobial stewardship socialism

WW_antimicrobial_stewardshipPrimary care providers apparently are a stubborn and hard-to-reach lot, and getting them to follow clinical pathways and order sets for antimicrobial stewardship can be difficult. The problem of antibiotics overuse is serious enough that a group of University of Chicago researchers turned to Facebook and Twitter to see if they could help, and their research says, yes, they can. In the study, both knowledge of the source for antimicrobial stewardship info and use of clinical pathways were greater among internal medicine residents who signed up to receive Facebook updates and tweets on the subject. There was no mention as to whether or not kittens, koalas or sloths were used to induce residents to click on the antimicrobial info.

Did you have a healthy stay?

WW_StayWell_RoomAfter a long, cramped flight and cab ride to your hotel, all you want to do is jump into bed, but what if the bed and the room were designed with health and wellness in mind? Stay Well hotel rooms at select Marriot and MGM Grand Hotels in the U.S. are just that, according to a CNN article. Vitamin C showers (right), circadian mood lighting and organic mattresses promote healthful sleep. The rooms were also built with posture-supportive flooring and anti-microbial countertops — so that every inch of the room promotes wellness. If you want to book one, it will be an upcharge of nearly $30 a night. The Cleveland Clinic and Deepak Chopra, M.D, support the room’s offerings. And health systems such as Mayo Clinic are taking a similar interest in creating a healthful environment.