March 2017

"You may not feel comfortable reaching out to your members of Congress. But let me tell you, as a lobbyist your voice is infinitely stronger and more important, and members [of Congress] listen to you far more than they listen to any lobbyist."
Sarah Macchiarola from "Budget Reconciliation Schedule, Regulatory Relief on Tap for 2017."

"When a new era comes — and they don't happen often — it's our responsibility to guide that technology into the world in an eithical and enduring way."
Ginni Rometty from "The Era of Thinking Computers is Here, Says IBM CEO Ginni Rometty."

"The ground has shifted. Nationwide, progress is underway to discourage obsolete and useles — if not harmful — interventions."
David Ollier Weber from "Medicine's Minimalist Movement."

February 2017

"I propose value in health care is easy to measure: more access to better, safer care, at continually lower cost. No large health care organization in America can consistently do that. If that's the measure, despoite our attractiveness, value has eluded us."
John W. Kenagy, M.D., from "How Health Care Can Innovate, Create Value."

"Whether you have an influx of patients from a chemical spill,a bioterrorism event, plane crash, a bus crash or a shooting, you still have to hve your emergency personnel ready to go."
— Broward Health Interim CEO Mark Sprada, from "Florida Hospital CEO Shares Thoughts Following Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting."

"Despite decades of reports, the formation of organizations and conferencesdedicated to diversity and access to quality health care remains out of reach for many minority populations."
Antoinette Hardy-Waller from "Why Ending Disparities in Health Care Must Start at the Top."