The body of resources available to hospital executives seeking to expand upon and improve community health continues to grow, and a series of reports from the American Hospital Association on eight of the hottest topics in the determinants of health will be rolled out in coming months.

The reports are part of an effort to address an aspect of health care that is gaining more attention as part of the movement to manage the health of populations, and is in the spotlight during Community Health Week. "We know that only 10 to 20 percent of health comes from health care," says Julia Resnick, senior program manager at the Health Research & Educational Trust and the Association for Community Health Improvement, both part of the AHA. "If we're serious about making people health, then we've got to figure out all these other determinants," Resnick says.

Slated for release later this month will be an AHA report containing guidance, strategies and case studies on food insecurity as it relates to health. The other reports in the series will cover housing, education, transportation, violence, social support, health behaviors and employment.

Additional information can be found at the Association for Community Health Improvement website, on a new fact sheet describing the AHA's community health agenda and in stories that have run in Hospitals & Health Networks and on its website.