Health Forum Critical Conversation

PDF version of the Executive Dialogue

Powered by the internet and other technology, and enabled and encouraged by changing attitudes and expectations as well as evolving payment systems, the rise in chronic illnesses and the growing realization of the importance of preventive health, consumer engagement is rising to the fore in health care. Consumer preference is one of the factors spurring health care delivery beyond the tradition­al hospital walls. The goal of innovations such as “bed-less” hospi­tals, same-day care, outpatient chemotherapy and telemedicine is to meet patients’ needs in more effective and accessible ways.

The American Hospital Association invited hospital administrators and health care leaders to talk about the role of consumer engagement in transforming health care. The following coverage of the event has been excerpted and edited for clarity. Also participating were representatives of a selection of organizations whose solutions have been exclusively endorsed by the AHA: Gozio Health,  Interactive Health and Teladoc.