Health Forum Critical Conversation October 2017

PDF version of the Conversation

The rationale for measurement centers around three goals: improvement, transparency and provider accountability. With the alphabet soup of regulations and incentives, and the various choices for participation, just sifting through the reporting options and figuring out what route is best presents a host of challenges for providers. Providers must decide how much to report, what to report and how to report it. Part of getting leadership, clinicians and staff involved in quality metrics is providing actionable, clinically relevant information and keeping them informed about progress on quality measurements.

The American Hospital Association invited clinicians, health care administrators and other representatives from hospitals and health systems to talk about improving quality of care and meeting regulatory requirements. The following coverage of the event has been excerpted and edited for clarity. Also participating were representatives of a selection of organizations whose solutions have been exclusively endorsed by the AHA: Medisolv and RL Solutions.